Zarshan iranian saffron
Zarshan iranian saffron

iranian saffron farmers

Interview of zarshan with iranian brodcasting about how to buy saffron directly from iran and farmers

Buying saffron directly from iran and farmers means

Paying Less Money

Buying saffron directly from iran and farmers means paying less money

More Quality 

Buying saffron directly from iran and farmers means you get more special and purer quality

 Direct Connection 

Direct connection means you are just one click away from Iran and  its farmers

The types of saffron

Super Negin Saffron

super negin saffron

This type of saffron has more quality among the others. it just includes the red strings of saffron and no roots. for this reason its the best saffron for exportation

Sargol Saffron

Sargol saffron

this types of saffron has some commons with super negin includes the red strings and no roots. butthe strings of saffron is smaller than negin and super negin saffron. sargol is wxactly what iranian buy from stores in iran

Saffron Root

saffron root

this type of saffron includes the withe and yellow segment of saffron. and its the cheapest segment of saffron. its good for making saffron tea and herbal tea

whole filament saffron

whole filament saffron

this type of saffron is not common in the world. but its the purest saffron in market. its so good for medical using. because you can see sargol saffron and its roots on one stirngs. its cheaper than sargol and negin saffron because the process of changing whole filament to sargol or negin is though and needs cost.

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