saffron price in emirates-dubai

Saffron Price in Emirates-Dubai

The UAE is one of the largest importers of Iranian saffron. The neighborhood of the UAE with Iran and also the high quality of Iranian saffron has caused a large amount of Iranian saffron to flow to the UAE (especially Dubai) every year. As a result, the UAE has become a base that can export large volumes of this saffron between different European countries and its Arab neighbors. In this section of the site, we want to examine the price of saffron in Dubai in more detail and completely.

The best saffron in Dubai

The fact is that the infrastructure and proper conditions of the UAE customs in recent years have made the UAE an attractive place for trade in West Asia. Currently, buying saffron from the UAE is a convenient and attractive option for traders in the UAE’s neighboring countries, which is why the price of saffron in the UAE (especially Dubai) is not only for traders and people of Dubai, but also for traders in neighboring countries. It is important.
In addition to the UAE’s favorable conditions for exports, the people of the UAE also use saffron in their food and beverages. Sargol saffron is usually used for consumption inside the UAE, and Negin and Super Negin saffron are used for export and trade with neighboring countries (such as Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.).

Saffron prices in Dubai

The price of saffron in Dubai can vary depending on its quality, volume and place of production. This price starts from 5 dirhams per gram and reaches up to 26 dirhams per gram. Naturally, Negin and Super Negin saffrons have higher prices in the UAE due to their higher quality. These prices are the price of saffron packaged in Dubai, and the higher the amount of saffron in each package, the lower the unit price per gram.

Wholesale Saffron Price at Dubai

The price of bulk saffron also depends on various parameters and no definite comment can be made about it. Purchase volume, type of saffron and place of saffron production affect the price of saffron. Naturally, Super Negin saffron has a higher price than other saffrons. But the most important parameter affecting the price in our opinion is the place of saffron production.
In the UAE, saffron can be found in all producing countries such as India, Spain and Iran. But since about 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran (neighboring the UAE). The low price of saffron in Iran on the one hand and the low cost of transportation (due to the short distance between Iran and the UAE) on the other hand makes the extra high quality Iranian saffron enter the UAE at the lowest cost.

Zarshan is one of these companies. Zarshan is a company that sends saffron to Iranian farmers in bulk and directly to the UAE. For detailed information on the price of Zarshan saffron, you can fill out the form below and receive the prices from us as soon as possible. Zarshan WhatsApp and our online chat system are among the other communication channels.

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